I Studio Academy (Graphic Design Workshop – Illustrator & Photoshop Course)

I Studio Design Workshop
Photoshop | Illustrator Course

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Design Workshop. Master Course
【创造无限YES奇迹】Photoshop | Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop Advance Course Online Zoom Live section that cover most of the elements in the software, would bring you to another level of Design Tools that enhance your skill become a NEW & FRESH Graphic Designer.
The most amazing part with Special tools effect that make your design style for gorgeous & attractive. Tools element and skill knowledge include: Picture edited, Clipping Mask, Layer Effect, Shadow, Pen Tools with Cropping/Trace, Gradient, Transparent, Text with Effect, Brush Type, art board safety zone and etc.

Design Workshop. Story Design Course
【赚流量 · 赢市场】Illustrator

This Course conduct in Online Zoom Live section with Special Content of Product/Service Story Design idea that manage to create the awareness via Social media and attract the traffic.

And this was the fantastic element that include the Design Tools Skills and the Design Concepture Idea Skills. That able to help you create a story content with simple step and design skill knowledge.
You can easily Master the Skills, with the powerful structure that conduct in class.

Design Workshop. Startup Course
【Pi 出超凡魅力】Photoshop | Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop Startup Course Online Zoom Live section with handling tools that able for edit picture, crop/trace item, color filling, shape tools, product touch up stamp tools & others element that help enhance for picture edited skill.

2 Days Graphic Design Workshop

Illustrator & Photoshop Course​

2 Days Graphic Design Workshop

Illustrator & Photoshop Course

2 Days Graphic Design Course

October 2019 - Intake

2 Days Graphic Design Course

September 2019 - Intake